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Synthogy  Ivory 2 Grand Pianos Upgrade &...
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Synthogy  Ivory II - Grand Pianos  ...
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The Virtual Piano that started it all, Ivory Grand Pianos redefined what virtual instruments could do, combining stunning, world-class piano samples with a powerful, software/DSP engine and custom user interface. Ivory's worldwide critical acclaim and popularity has made it the industry standard, and the virtual piano of choice for the world's most elite musicians.

Now the world's most popular virtual grand piano collection just got better with the creation of Ivory II Grand Pianos. Featuring a greatly expanded sound set with nearly double the velocity layers, and the powerful, new Ivory II piano DSP engine with Harmonic Resonance Modeling for true Sympathetic String Vibration, Ivory II Grand Pianos soars at the highest possible levels of sampling and synthesis technology.

Synthogy  Ivory II - Upright Pianos &nbs...
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Ivory Upright Pianos presents the unique, intimate sound of upright pianos using Synthogy's groundbreaking technology and piano-building expertise.
Synthogy  Ivory II American Concert D
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Vintage 1951 Steinway Concert D, the choice of great concert artists, brought to your fingertips through the power of the Ivory II engine.

In the rarified world of great concert artists, there are precious few instruments that leave a lasting impression upon the masters who played them. Ivory II American Concert D is one of those instruments.

This vintage 1951 New York Steinway D (CD 121) was chosen by the Steinway & Sons concert department for Steinway artist promotion. Throughout the years, the instrument has been lauded by some of the world's greatest concert artists. Indeed, the plate of the piano is signed by Glenn Gould, Rudolf Serkin, and many others, as a testament to high praise by the world's gr...
Synthogy  Ivory Italian Grand Expansion Pack&...
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Now available, the First Expansion Pack for Ivory featuring the amazing Italian 10 Foot Concert Grand Piano. This all new sample set installs directly into Ivory, adding a 4th World Class Grand to Ivory's award winning collection of pianos! This exceptional piano is one of the world's greatest and most sought after Concert instruments. Impeccably recorded in the famed Concert Hall at SUNY Purchase, the Italian Grand is rendered in phenomenal detail by Synthogy's powerful virtual piano technology for an unforgettable playing experience.
Synthogy  Ivory Italian Grand Upgrade &n...
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Synthogy  Ivory Upright Pianos Upgrade &...
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