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SSL  Delta Link MADI HD   (726900X2...
App 514-721-1518   
Direct connection of Pro Tools HD systems to audio converters digital consoles and routers
The Delta-Link MADI HD is a professional 64 channel MADI to Pro Tools HD® interface for Studio, Live and Broadcast Applications. Delta-Link enables interconnection of audio converters, digital consoles and routers to Pro Tools HD systems via Fibre Optic MADI. By combining Delta-Link with SSL Alpha-Link audio converters, high channel count systems with simpler cable interconnection, reduced rack space requirements and superb audio quality can be configured at a very competitive price. Delta-Link MADI HD is compatible with Pro Tools HD Core and Accel Cards or HD Native and HDX Cards (HD Native and HDX cards require Digilink to Digilink Mini Adapter not supplied by SSL).

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SSL  MADI XTREME 64   (726907X1)
App 514-721-1518   
High performance PCIe card interfaces for Mac or PC DAW systems
MadiXtreme is a family of multichannel PCIe audio cards for Mac and PC offering 64 or 128 channel digital audio interfaces using Fibre Optic MADI. MadiXtreme delivers digital audio input and output for your DAW, console or router via convenient and lossless optical MADI and is the perfect partner product for SSL's Alpha-Link audio converters. Featuring our revolutionary PCIe-Core Audio Pipeline technology, MadiXtreme is one of the first audio devices to take full advantage of the high speeds and incredible bandwidth offered by the PCIe bus on modern computers. The drivers are fully multi-client capable (allowing several applications to simultaneously access the device) and allow multiple cards per system
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SSL  Sigma   (729760X1)
App 514-721-1518   
Remote Controlled Analogue Mix Engine

Designed for the DAW user that seeks the legendary big sound of an SSL console while retaining the convenience of working in the box, Sigma is a unique DAW automated SuperAnalogue summing engine.

Sigma delivers the sonic benefits of SSL SuperAnalogue mixing with in-the-box automation. Using proprietary MDAC control technology first featured in our Duality and AWS studio consoles, Sigma's 100% analogue summing engine can be driven by automation data created within your DAW of choice. Sigma features 16 flexible input channels which can be individually switched between being mono or stereo for up to 32 channels at mixdown. There is accurate front panel LED metering for all channels. There are two stereo mix busses with dedicated outputs...
SSL  Xlogic madi-x8   (726911X1)
App 514-721-1518   
The Heart of your Intelligent Audio Network

MADI-X8 is an affordable, powerful and versatile 8 port MADI routing system. In addition to offering simple point to point bulk routing, MADI-X8 offers Source Distribution (one source to many destinations), Device Splitting (any combination of individual channels to any destination) and Source Aggregation (a single 64 Ch output consists of any combination of channels from various inputs). MADI-X8 is therefore a unique low cost solution to audio distribution and aggregation challenges in a wide range of applications including; Broadcast Production Studios and OB Vehicles, large scale Film/Game Scoring, multi room studio complexes requiring real time asset sharing and Live Sound.

The MADI-X8 is a 1U unit with 8 MADI I/O. It provid...