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Mackie  DLM12S
1249.99$ CAD   
.2000W power via ultra-efficient Class-D amplification
.High-power 12?, heat-treated woofer with 3? voice coil
.Ultra-low frequency extension hits hard down to 35 Hz
.DLP Digital Processor
?Powerful, one-touch digital processor with bright OLED screen
?Precision digital crossover
?Presets for use with DLM and SRM Series full-range loudspeakers
?Variable crossover control for optimization with any loudspeaker
?Six total XLR connects for flexible I/O control
?Two line level inputs
?Two full-range outputs for side fills, etc.
?Two high-pass outputs for direct connection to DLM loudspeakers
.Unmatched system control for professional applications
?Alignment delay up to 300ms for delay stack, balcony, etc.
?Three memory locations for...
Mackie  SRM1850
1124.99$ CAD   
.1600W of intense power paired with a custom high-output 18'' woofer delivers chest-pounding low end performance
."Built-Like-A-Tank" all-wood, internally-braced cabinet delivers unmatched road-worthiness and near-zero distortion even at high volume
.Front ported for maximum low-frequency extension and punch
.Stereo XLR inputs plus Stereo XLR full-range and high-pass outputs
.Integrated digital crossover with variable control and presets for Mackie SRM loudspeakers
.Smart ProtectT DSP kicks in to protect your investment when things get pushed a little too hard
.Built-in cup for easily pole-mounting full-range loudspeakers
Mackie  Thump18S
Nouveauté 874.99$ CAD   
1200W 18" Powered Subwoofer

Pack a Bigger Live Punch with this Active Sub!
Take it from Sweetwater, when you're talking powered PA subwoofers, efficiency is the name of the game. With a cutting-edge bandpass design that delivers class-leading output and deep, venue-shaking bass, the Mackie Thump18S serves up your lows with impressive clarity and punch. The Thump18S sports an 18" custom high-output woofer powered by a beefy, cool-running 600-watt RMS Class D amplifier, all housed in a rugged wood enclosure. The system gives you powerful low-end response from 40Hz-120Hz (-3dB). And with dual XLR inputs, stereo full-range and highpass outputs, adjustable level and polarity controls, and a pole cup for mounting your main speakers, the Mackie Thump18S gives you the flexibility you ...