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Fostex  6301NE
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Model 6301-series have been on the market since 1982 as the standard active monitor speaker in the broadcast and production facilities and now we have re-design the speakers with the latest D-class power amplifier and new driver unit featuring energy saving "auto stand-by" function. The electrically balanced version used to be offered only in North America, but now worldwide. - See more at:
Fostex  HP-A3
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The new Fostex HP-A3 is the perfect DAC for Computer Audio. This high quality unit features 32bit D/A Conversion with an integrated headphone amplifier exclusively designed to get the most from and PC audio set-up.

Why settle for 'built-in' D/A conversion when you can drastically improve the quality of your audio with a Fostex HP-A3?

USB Cables
Now available, new ET-U1.0 and ET-U0.5 USB constructed using OCF Ag coated annealed copper wire.

In DetailUSB Bus power without using unwanted AC adapter
Works with up to 24bit/96kHz audio source
Exclusive PLL power supply is built in to reproduce the stable electrical supply
High quality analog headphone amp to drive any type of headphones
Equipped with hgih-grade AKM 32bit(*) DAC AK4...
Fostex  HP-A4
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Model HP-A4 is a new, improved version of the acclaimed HP-A3. It offers up to DSD 5.6MHz and PCM 192kHz for superior audio playback functionality as well as the sophisticated and class-leading appearance of the flagship HP-A8C.

In DetailUSB buss powered operation without AC adapter
Linear PCM audio up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD audio up to 5.6MHz playback*
Quick and easy hi-resolution playback in combination with "FOSTEX Audio Player" software
HI/LO Gain selection (10dB) for wider range of headphones
Asynchronous transfer mode by using the custom made crystal
Digital Filer selecting Roll-off characteristics and Cut-off characteristics according to the audio source
Complies with USB Audio Class 2.0 on Windows XP (SP2 or later) / Vista / 7 / 8 and Ma...
Fostex  HP-A8C
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The new HP-A8C is Fostex's flagship 32bit DAC / Headphone Amplifier model and features finely designed Analog and Digital circuitries as well as the epoch-making DSD audio playback function.

Housed in a gorgeous enclosure featuring glass front panel and black side panel, the HP-A8C is set to spark the interest of both high-end headphone users as well as PC audio makers, professionals and enthusiasts.

Partner with the new TH-900, premium headphones for excellent results.

USB Driver for Windows
Dedicated USB driver software is necessary to install on PC for Windows (7 or earlier). Mac OS (10.6.1) works with the HP-A8C with its own USB driver.

USB Cables
Now available, new ET-U1.0 and ET-U0.5 USB constructed using OCF Ag coated annealed copper w...
Fostex  MC10ST
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Stereo pair of cardioid electret condenser microphones . Ideal for use with MR-8, MR-8HD, VF Series Digital Multitrackers, or FR-2 . Compact, light weight . Bright sound characteristic . Suitable for a variety of recording applications . Wide frequency response . High sensitivity . Low distortion . High input endurance . Rugged brass case . Includes shock mount adapters, wind screens and stereo mounting bracket in a dedicated carrying case . +48V phantom power operation.

SPECIFICATIONS - Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz +/-10dB . Sensitivity: -40dBV/pa . Rated Impedance: 200ohm . Equivalent Noise Level: 22dB (A weighted IEC/DIN 615) . Maximum S.P.L.: 134dB (THD?5%, 1kHz) . Dynamic Range: 112dB . Power Supply: 48V Phantom Power (IEC268-15/DIN45596) . Current Consumption: 3.5mA . ...
Fostex  PC-1e (B)
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With a PC-1e(B)/(W) you can remotely control the volume of both left and right speakers which makes it a great addition for music and video playback on a PC.Compact for desktop use.
Fostex  PM0.5D
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The compact new Fostex PM0.5d is a successor of the to the popular PM0.5n.Driven by new high efficiency 35W (LF) and 23W (HF) high efficiency digital amplifier and with completely re-designed woofer and tweeter drivers, this attractive bookshelf speaker is set to be every bit as successful as its predecessor.Constructed from quality materials and with a professional quality matt finish to the front baffle, the PM0.5d is available in a choice of Black or White finish.
Fostex  RM-3
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Model RM-3 is a rack stereo powered monitor speaker system to succeed the current model RM-2.New features include a THRU OUT, brightness adjustment of LED, and auto memory of Input / Output status etc. via newly added DIP switch on the rear panel. The RM-3 is the ideal solution for monitoring needs in various space-challenged environments such as machine rooms, video monitoring, surveillance, mobile and stationary control rooms, theme park applications where audio monitoring is needed in a compact environment. - See more at:
Fostex  ST-300
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Fostex's ST300 Headphone Stand is a wooden headphone stand for an elegant display of your Fostex headphones.
Fostex  T20RPmk3
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Open Headphones engineered with Fostex's patented RP (Regulate Phase) ? Ideal for professional use in commercial recording studios ? Frequency Response: 20Hz - 30kHz ? Max Input 2000 mW ? Impedance 50 ohm ? Semi-open type construction offers rich low frequency sound while maintaining all nuances of vocal performance ? Excellent transient characteristics?RefinedFostexproprietaryRegularPhase(RP)diaphragmdriverusingcopperfoiletchedpolyimidefilm andpowerfulneodymiummagnet?Maximuminputlevelof3000mWtocomplywithvariousprofessionaluses?Newly developedlowrepulsionearpadandheadpadformaximumcomfort?Comeswith3m1/4?plugdetachablecablefor best serviceability and 1.2m mini plug cable for portable audio use ? Newly designed package so the driver type and sound characteristics can be highly visible and dis...
Fostex  T40RPmk3
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Closed Headphones engineered with Fostex's patented RP (Regulate Phase) Enclosed type for excellent sound reproduction?Alsopreventsfeedbackintothemicatrecordingsessions?Idealforprofessionaluseinnoisyenvironments, thefirstchoiceforDJworkandbroadcastsoundengineers?FrequencyResponse:15Hz-30kHz ?MaxInput2000mW? Impedance50ohm?RefinedFostexproprietaryRegularPhase(RP)diaphragmdriverusingcopperfoiletchedpolyimide film and powerful neodymium magnet ? Maximum input level of 3000mW to comply with various professional uses ? Newlydevelopedlowrepulsionearpadandheadpadformaximumcomfort?Comeswith3m1/4?plugdetachablecable forbestserviceabilityand1.2mminiplugcableforportableaudiouse?Newlydesignedpackagesothedrivertypeand sound characteristics can be highly visible and distinguishable.
Fostex  T50RPmk3
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Semi-Open Stereo Headphones ? Flagship model of RP stereo headphones employing FOSTEX?s proprietary RP Technology ? 4-color printed package designed to be hung on a hook in stores ? 3000mW of maximum input ? Newly developedRPDiaphragmemployingcopperfoiletchedonapolyimidefilm?Neodymiummagnetforhighsensitivityand excellent transient handling ? Single, detachable cable for minimum signal transmission loss and ease-of-use ? Highgradeear-padsandhead-bandsforincreasedcomfort?Dampedsemi-opendesignforextendedlow-frequencyandclear mid/treble reproduction ? Refined Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) diaphragm driver using copper foil etched polyimidefilmandpowerfulneodymiummagnet?Maximuminputlevelof3000mWtocomplywithvariousprofessional uses?Newlydevelopedlowrepulsionearpadandheadpadformaximumcomf...
Fostex  TE-05
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The new Fostex Model TE-05 is the first mid-range inner ear headphones to be added to the current TE-series, and joins the recently updated model TE-01n and TE-02n headphones. The TE-05 features very high audio performance for its class, and has been thoroughly tuned by Fostex's headphone engineers for exceptional performance.It is also Fostex' first detachable connector headphones offering easy cable replacement, (in the event of the cable being damaged) as well as offering the facilit to upgrade the cable to the one for use with a control box for smart phones and portable music players. - See more at:
Fostex  TH-500RP
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Fostex have long since used RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm technology in their acclaimed professional studio headphones such as the T20RPmk2 and the recent T-series models.The new TH500RP model now combines this RP technology with the design philosophy and flair of the TH900, resulting in a set premium headphones which deliver a simply stunning high resolution sound, with sparkling highs, rich mid tones and high quality lows. - See more at: