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tc electronic  AFTERGLOW CHORUS
79.99$ CAD   
Afterglow Chorus is designed with the vintage aficionado in mind. Its all-analog circuit uses a Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) to create a wide range of classic handed-down modulation tones. From the smallest shudder to wildest wobble, this tiny marvel is sure to quench your thirst for vintage flavored chorus!

Vintage-style chorus pedal
All-analog bucket-brigade circuit - for lush three-dimensional modulation tones
True bypass and top-mounted I/O
tc electronic  Alter Ego 2
253.99$ CAD   


Gorgeous Delays in a Compact Design

Echo Evolution

There's no denying that we truly love delay here at TC Electronic and with ProGuitarShop we've found a collaborator that shares our unparalleled passion for delay. This has resulted in two delay pedals, which in no time at all have become modern-day classics due to their painstaking recreations of vintage echo-machines of the past. Now we're bringing you the best features and sounds from the original Alter Ego and Alter Ego X4, combined in a new pedal which is sure to satisfy all of your vintage-vibed echo needs!

9 exclusive Delay sounds, expertly crafted by TC Electronic and ProGuitarShop
A true celebration of the best of the best in tape,...
tc electronic  BLOOD MOON PHASER
79.99$ CAD   
If classic 1970s phaser tones make your heart beat faster, brace yourself for a sheer heart attack! Blood Moon Phaser resurrects the toothsome phaser sounds of yesteryear and transfuses them with a range of modern features such as top-mounted input/output and true bypass. Infuse your tone with the haunting howls and sacchariferous sweeps convoked by Blood Moon Phaser´s vintage four-stage filter - and get ready to rock out from dusk till dawn!

Vintage-style phaser pedal
Classic four-stage filter design
True bypass and top-mounted I/O
tc electronic  Body-Rez
146.99$ CAD   
Ultra-Compact Acoustic Pickup Enhancer

Refined Resonance

BodyRez is the new must-have tool for every acoustic player out there. Designed to restore the natural acoustic resonance of your instrument when using under-saddle pickups, BodyRez gives you a more natural sound simply with the turn of a single knob. Getting great acoustic tone couldn't possibly be easier, with harmonic bliss now just a stomp away.
Studio-Quality Acoustic Guitar Tone
Built-In Feedback Suppression
Restores Natural Playing Feel

True To Your Timbre

There's nothing more captivating than the natural rich and crisp sound of an acoustic guitar. Sadly, most acoustic pickups take that full 3-dimensional sound and make it flatter and more uninviting than...
tc electronic  Corona Chorus
199.99$ CAD   
Un chorus standard offrant un effet SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger original, et deux options, dont le Tri Chorus, et un TonePrint. L'effet est stéréo, utilisable en insert, avec des réglages de vitesse, profondeur, couleur et niveau de l'effet.
tc electronic  CORONA MINI CHORUS  ...
146.99$ CAD   
TC's Classic Chorus Plus a Tiny Footprint

A Giant Leap For Chorus Kind

So much chorussy goodness in such a tiny pedal? People have been chased out of town for less, but we're telling you, we did it! If THAT sounds too good to be true, wait until you hear this pedal! Lush, thick and swirly, in a form factor chorus-smugglers around the world and guitarists with precious little room on their boards would appreciate.

Size Matters

From subtle swells to full on Leslie sounds, the classic SCF sound and a huge sounding-trichorus, we've condensed that and infinitely more into a tiny pedal! No matter what your chorus needs may be, you can find just the right sound here - in a pedal that takes up next to no space on your board!

tc electronic  Dark Matter Distortion
79.99$ CAD   
Ode To Distortion

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion

Dark Matter is the kind of pedal that you wanna go play for half an hour and end up spending half a day with. It's musical, covers a super-wide range of sounds but stays true to its base, an all analog-drive circuit that reminisces plexi sounds with both a classic and modern edge. Dark Matter delivers in spades thanks to a very low compression and a lively response that reacts to your playing at every turn.

Vintage-voiced distortion with extreme dynamic range
2 band EQ
Voicing switch
tc electronic  Ditto Looper
146.99$ CAD Quantité Limitée  
Ditto Looper est le seul looper conçu exclusivement pour les guitaristes.

Il combine toutes les fonctions essentielles d'un looper, dans une interface intuitive, avec un seul switch, un passage du signal en analogique, une taille ultra réduite, et une résolution audio non compressée, en 24 bits.

Avec une durée de looping de 5 minutes, un nombre illimité de passages et une fonction undo/redo, Ditto Looper est le mélange parfait de qualité, créativité et simplicité.
tc electronic  Ditto Mic Looper
146.99$ CAD   
Mic it. Loop it.

Go from idea to performance in an instant and build layered masterpieces with ease. One knob, two buttons - it couldn't be simpler! With its superior audio quality, unlimited overdubs and Undo/Redo, the Ditto Mic Looper is the essential choice for looping vocals and mic'ed instruments.
Easy setup with automatic mic input gain. Just plug in and loop.
Dedicated Loop and Stop/Clear switches
Onboard mic preamp with phantom power & Mic Control
tc electronic  Ditto X2 Looper
267.99$ CAD   
The original Ditto Looper rocked guitarists with a lust for looping like nothing else. Finally something that was simple, made for guitarists and sounded great. What would possibly be better? Well, how about all of that, plus new, next level looping features forged from pure awesome?

Dedicated Start/Stop Button
Looper effects: Stop, Reverse and Half Speed
Loop Import/Export and Backing tracks
tc electronic  D-Two
838.99$ CAD   
Renowned as a manufacturer of pristine, high quality solutions for the professional audio industry, the heritage of TC Electronic encompasses more than 20 proud years of know-how in developing cutting-edge digital technology with state-of-the-art sound quality combined with the world?s most sophisticated, yet intuitive, user interface
79.99$ CAD   
EchoBrain is the natural choice for every vintage delay nut out there. Sporting a classic, all-analog bucket brigade design, this compact delay pedal is set to serve up all the warm echoes, and gorgeous runaway delays you could ever need. Kick it in and get ready to hear the echo-angels sing.

Vintage-style delay pedal
All-analog bucket brigade circuit
Compact design and top-mounted jacks
79.99$ CAD   
Tap into a world of high-gain riffage with Fangs Metal Distortion and its super versatile set of tone tools that let you sculpt your sonic onslaught to perfection. From ultra-tight thrash tones to thick walls of doom metal distortion, you'll find it all here and then some in this highly affordable pedal that's ready to slay the stage!

Ultra-thick high-gain distortion tones w. super tight response
Versatile mid-control
True bypass and top-mounted I/O
tc electronic  Finalizer 96k
1994.99$ CAD   
The latest progression in TC's Multi-Award winning mastering technology the Finalizer 96K delivers unprecedented levels of clarity, warmth and punch to your mix.
tc electronic  Flashback Delay & Looper
251.99$ CAD   
Une compilation de délais, avec jusqu'à 7 secondes de retard.

On y retrouve le son du 2290 de TC, ainsi que 9 autres effets différents, ainsi qu'un mode Looper, l'Audio Tapping pour entrer son tempo en jouant directement le rythme à la guitare, le réglage des sous-division et la possibilité de garder le splillover (répétition du délai même après que l'effet soit mis en bypass).
tc electronic  Flashback Mini delay
146.99$ CAD   
Renowned TC Delay Sounds in Miniature Form

Essentially Flashback

We've taken all that you know and love about our TC Electronic delay sounds and poured it into a footprint too good to be true. There's more magic per square inch In Flashback Mini Delay than you'd find in a Smurf. The industry standard, most revered TC Electronic delay tones, plus TonePrint - the greatest innovation to guitar since guitar strings!

Size Matters

Just look at it. Who'd have thought such a tiny pedal houses such classic and classy delay sounds? Well, we've made it happen, and your ears and pedal board will be grateful.

TonePrint - Signature Effects

Flashback Mini Delay is TonePrint enabled. This means you get the revered TC ...
tc electronic  Flashback X4
372.99$ CAD   
La pédale Flashback X4 offre 16 types de délais stéréo, dont 4 mémoires pour les TonePrints de votre choix et un looper.

Trois mémoires A, B et C sont accessibles directement via les commutateurs au pied, le dernier bouton étant réservé au tap tempo.

La pédale Flashback X4 offre deux entrées et deux sorties pour une opération en stéréo, ainsi que des MIDI In et Thru et une entrée pour pédale d'expression. Un port USB servira à charger les TonePrints que vous aurez téléchargés sur votre ordinateur, la pédale est également compatible avec l'appli TonePrint iOS et Android pour charger les presets sans fil.
79.99$ CAD   
Forcefield Compressor is here to give you all the vintage squish and squash you could ever want at a price that simply can't be ignored. From subtle sustain enhancements to smooth signal leveling and all the way to full-on chicken-picking compression, you'll find it all and more in this great road-ready pedal.

Vintage style compressor pedal - from subtle compression to all-out squash
All-analog circuit
True Bypass and top-mounted I/O
tc electronic  G-Major 2
818.99$ CAD   
G-Major 2 is made by guitarists for guitarists. It is pure guitar magic in a single-space rack unit at a price that lets you ease into greatness. Studio quality sounds combined with stompbox simplicity geared for even your most heavy-duty performances. No modeling wannabe but pure undiluted TC Electronic effects in a league of their own. Easy integration in your current set-up and pain free editing on the fly or more dedicated patch programming through and the included PC/Mac editor. With all of the legendary TC Electronic guitar effects combined with a slew of features, we say it proud: rack is back!
79.99$ CAD   
Overflowing with organic amp-like distortion tones, natural tube compression and a tight but rich tonal character, Grand Magus Distortion IS the sound of Rock N Roll. Now put all of that in a compact metal enclosure with true bypass, and served to you at a price that'll make your endorphin-levels shoot through the roof, and you got a shiny one-way ticket to rock heaven!

Natural tube-like distortion
Wide gain range - with a rich and tight tonal character
True Bypass and Top-mounted jacks
tc electronic  G-System
1469.99$ CAD   
G-System is the world's first complete high quality floor based Guitar System. Delivering a complete and uncompromised package of effects, control and integration, no other product will match the flexibility or the quality of the G-System.

With its unique combination of two DSP sections providing the very highest quality effects on the market, analog loops, amp switching, floor control, and even 9VDC power outputs for your pedals, the G-System offers the highest level of integration attainable.
tc electronic  HALL OF FAME 2 REVERB
220.99$ CAD   
The new Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb covers everything the original did and packs 3 new powerful features.

The revolutionary MASH technology adds the rich and fluid articulation of an expression pedal to your reverb effects in the same compact stompbox that you know.

On top of that, we carefully designed a crystalline Shimmer reverb that you can control with MASH for spine-tingling performance in real-time.

In fact, you can control pretty much any parameter conceivable with MASH.
With the TonePrint Editor you can unleash the
expressive potential in MASH any way you like.
Of course, you can still get all the iconic reverbs
and TonePrints that you know from the original.

Expressive MASH technology
8 reverb types including Shimmer
3 TonePr...
tc electronic  Helix Phaser
199.99$ CAD   
No you're not hallucinating, the Helix Phaser has finally landed and it's ready to take your tone to new inspiring heights with all the massive mind-bending swooshes and swirly goodness you could possibly desire. But be warned! Once you turn this pedal on, you may never want to turn it off again.

Amazing range of high-quality phaser tones
TonePrint enabled
True Bypass
tc electronic  HOF Mini Reverb
146.99$ CAD   
Space. The Final Frontier

Reverb is very much about space, but then again so is your pedal board. So what if we could combine unlimited space for your reverbs with a miniature footprint? What? You'd be partying on for days? Well break out the confetti, because it's here!

Room for choice - all of TC's best reverbs available via TonePrint

TonePrint Enabled

Ultra-small footprint
tc electronic  Level Pilot
136.99$ CAD   
Level Pilot is a stylish, high-resolution volume solution that fits into any active speaker setup quickly and easily and with a minimum of clutter and wires. This results in convenient and high-precision control over your levels where you would ideally want it: right at your fingertips. Whether you are a passionate hobbyist recording in your bedroom, a musician with a small home studio setup or working at a pro recording facility, Level Pilot makes sure the volume is always exactly where you need it, when you need it.

Practical, elegant, beautiful - Level Pilot is a high quality, analog, stereo volume control that works independently of the computer or audio interface, so no matter what happens during tracking or mixing, you now have complete control over your levels in all situat...
tc electronic  M3000
1469.99$ CAD   
The VSS3-reverb technology inherent in the M3000 is an industry standard. The M3000 has some of the best sounding, most versatile and easy-to-use professional reverbs for music and film/post applications. Combining ultimate control of directivity in the early reflections with a transparent and harmonically magnificent diffused field, the art of reverberation is brought to a new and higher level.
tc electronic  M350
293.99$ CAD   
M350 is an extremely user-friendly dual engine rack processor which is equally suited for live and studio applications. It combines 15 brand-new TC-quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects including delay, modulation and compression. Studio engineers and recording musicians will benefit from the included AU/VST compatible software editor, which allows for seamless control and editing integration with DAW systems. Through the included software editor, parameters and preset recalls may be fully automated or real-time controlled. High density 24 bit processing and AD/DA conversion delivers the full transparency of TC reverbs and effects.
tc electronic  MojoMojo Overdrive
79.99$ CAD Quantité Limitée  
Designing MojoMojo Overdrive was both very simple and very complex. We knew what we wanted from the start: A pedal that sounds like an amp, with a very open character and little compression allowing even the most subtle of your playing to shine through. We basically set out to capture lightning in a bottle with a clarity that even allowed for complex chords to stand out - did we succeed? Well, plug it in, play one lick, look us in the eye and try to tell us we didn't!
tc electronic  M-OneXL
629.99$ CAD   
he XL Reverb Technology benefits from the TC Reverb heritage and takes advantage of both complex Early reflection patterns and dense Reverb decays in order to bring more natural reverbs to all applications. This technological development combined with XLR connectors make the M-One XL especially suited for LIVE applications!
tc electronic  NonLin 2 TDM   (947-...
App 514-721-1518   
NonLin2 is an effect reverb, which differs from the traditional natural sounding TC reverbs. NonLin2 is capable of generating compact vocal ambience, percussive and dramatic drum sounds, reverse reverbs and completely new twisted effects. Featuring an amplitude envelope that is capable of rendering an untriggered gated reverb and a 'twist' parameter, which can radically alter the sound, this plug-in delivers a serious advantage over other gated reverbs.
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