Akai MPC Touch

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The Next Leap in MPC Evolution

The last generation of MPC gear brought the MPC legacy to the computer music-production world in a way that honored Akai's past, but the MPC Touch rockets this technology into the future. Equipped with classic MPC pads, essential hands-on controls, and an amazing 7" multi-touchscreen, MPC Touch lets you get your hands on your music like never before. Lay down beats in classic MPC fashion, then dive in deep with touch controls that let you chop up beats, tweak waveforms, edit MIDI, and draw out envelopes in a whole new intuitive way. Behind it all is Akai Professional's powerful MPC software, a DAW-style environment that lets you lay on the tracks, stack up the samples, and pile on all the effects you need. You're going to love the MPC Touch.

Akai Professional MPC Touch at a Glance:
Reach out and touch your DAW
Classic MPC workflow at your fingertips
Killer software under the hood

Reach out and touch your DAW

Over the past decades, Akai's MPC line has consistently inspired the electronic musicians here at Sweetwater to call our friends and tell them about the latest breakthrough technology, and they've done it again with the MPC Touch. This time, the star of the show is a beautiful 7" multi-touchscreen that lets you use smartphone-style gestures to manipulate your music. Grab, pinch, and expand waveforms, move notes on the sequencer grid, draw envelopes, and tweak effects, all in an environment that will make any tablet or smartphone user feel perfectly at home.

Classic MPC workflow at your fingertips

At its heart, the MPC Touch is 100% MPC to the core, and anyone who grew up with one of these classic groove machines should feel comfortable creating beats on this system in no time. Beyond the awesome touchscreen interface, you've got 16 solid-feeling MPC pads with multiple velocity modes, note repeat, and all of the nuances of the classic MPC workflow at your fingertips. The sound is there too, and since the MPC Touch comes loaded with MIDI and audio I/O, the only thing you need to create music is your laptop, and you'll never have to look at it unless you want to.

Killer software under the hood

When you're jamming with your MPC Touch, you can forget about your computer. Fold up your laptop, turn off your screen, and just create music in a delightfully distraction-free environment. But there are some wonderful advantages to the MPC software running behind the scenes. For starters, you get access to a world of samples, including 20GB of content (that's over 20,000 samples) that ships with the MPC Touch. You also get killer effects and access to fine editing that can take your music to a more polished and produced level than ever before. So even if you don't feel like dealing with the software, it's great to know there's so much power behind your MPC Touch.

Akai Professional MPC Touch Features:
Powerful software/hardware hybrid music-creation DAW with classic MPC style
Time-tested MPC features include 16 RGB-backlit pads, velocity modes, note repeat, and others
Full-color 7" multi-touch LCD lets you slice beats, draw envelopes, edit sequences, and much more
Comprehensive hardware control means you'll never have to look at your computer's screen
Software system includes effects, dynamics, step sequencing, phrase looping, and VST plug-ins
Hardware includes a 2-in/2-out USB audio interface with MIDI I/O
Content includes over 20,000 (20GB) samples and loops

Explore the future of MPC music production with the Akai Professional MPC Touch!