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Apogee  8 Channel Mic Preamp
1983.13$ CAD   
8 Mic preamps with 4 instrument inputs and 8 insert points

.8 digitally controlled, 85dB microphone preamps
.Upgrades functionality of Analog I/O Module by adding mic preamps to the existing line inputs
.Creates a direct connection between the Mic Preamp Module and the Analog I/O Module by inserting a mic preamp stage before the line inputs
.Selectable 48v phantom power, Soft Limit and phase invert

.4 Hi-Z 1/4" instrument inputs capable of handling high level instruments

.8 balanced software assignable analog insert points
.Send 1-8 and Return 1-8 on 2 DSUB 25-pin connectors
Apogee  Duet 2 Breakout Box   (DUET...
197.65$ CAD   
Available as a separate accessory for Duet 2 is a solidly built, aluminum breakout box with 2 1/4" inputs, 2 XLR inputs (for 2 simultaneous channels of input) and 2 balanced XLR outputs. The Duet 2 breakout box features studio-quality I/O connectors and includes a 2 meter cable allowing you to extend your input and output connections away from your desktop and minimize cable clutter. (This feature is in response to customer demand)
Apogee  DUET 2 Breakout Cable   (04...
65.00$ CAD   
DUET 2 Breakout Cable